City of sinners haunting below the moon beams,
Feeding off the plates of plaid casino carpets,
Suckling the bare nipple of ugly shoes,
Chewing the plain taste of blood money,
Swallow all passion as to illuminate the city lights!
Chandelier showers to reflect every reason the lonely gambler tosses away the final dollar.
Nights sink into rays,
Deep and forever mysterious,
The star ocean shimmers above us.
Drunken stupors,
Damaged heroes,
Drained prostitutes,
White-collar monsters.
No lonelier is the lost who gambles away ambition with a frown.
Sad, so very sad, people.
A city, nay, a prison!
Button pressing frenzies,
Wabled footsteps towards misdirection.
Ship wrecked beds,
perfectly made each sun rise.