Empty house, lights always on!
Whose butterflies disappear,
To keep our love alive.
Enter you blood covered pacifist,
Dance the way floor boards creak,
Allow light to breathe life towards
the corridors,
Eyes damaged,
Like the doors but completely different somehow.
Words stapled along the creased wall,
Silent wind instruments,
Unused by the battling family.
Fools unto day break, transparent walls.
Kitchen war grounds, bedroom graveyards, bathroom pleasure chambers.
Tampered child, prays that do not soar.
Soaked genitals on a quilt that hangs,
Farther than a promise of a new day.
Scream loud innocent banshee!
Tragedy bestowed upon you,
No one to stand beside through the unholy war.
Disco sex challenge, sick victim shit faced derelict king!
Move faster than our moon glows,
Forgetting, all the remains.
No one cares, selfish anal fiend!
No one. No one. No one.