the sun burns endless when
it comes from her body.
even when she walks she dances.
urgent eyes dangle among the
cushion voices somehow match.
the dance swings to and frow
warming that velvet stage still a virgin.
this woman, this gaze, that
easily sodomizes already illiterate lips.
hands tickling the passages calamity paints in my dreams.
oh, forever she conquers!
a frail body that bestows this letter;
forbidden, the color of Valhalla stains her trail!
my own eyes; brown, but protesting any idea of beauty;
begs for privilege her wings build.
spit drowns each side of every
fragile wall,
written with lettering only blood speaks.
ruined tongues pressed in
lust among the cheeks owned
formerly to empty stars, I scream!
what pain dances with these yells!
cancer mouth trapped by
words, I am the beast who
blooms in gardens that harvest
from hands whom drink misery.
her, flame and love
violent as moons that alter.
the beauty of my skin sheered, dives to the lies I sing with.