the brilliance of your radiant chariot lights is molded into the magick mirror through which all beauty of this world
and of myself can be seen./acknowledged/appreciated/admired

even in separation that crosses beyond the realms,
your brightness glimmers for my eyes to see!

my god is a consuming fire

as all ill that attemps to beckon me,
it effortlessly dances into ash as you sheer me in your warming divinity.

as I watch your brilliance soar above the skies,
the magnificence of my own rising burns passionately.

never have I been missing or forgotten from your grace,
forever have you kept watch over my journeys, of this body or any other before it.

apollo the rising archerer, honored am I to view the prophetic arrows fly off your bow into the mystery of the distance.
golden, sharp, and capable of piercing through any film of illness; from the sicknesses of judgment and guilt, to
the militia of regret and indifference.

Never can darkness encompass me when I am honored to stand beside you.

My kingdom, though far beyond the winds of time blowing gently beside my ears,
my kingdom, where glory overflows to stream the lands in glowing sands
my kingdom, pure by the fires that transform the valleys into shining gift that always blossom
my kingdom, born of meadows where blazing treasures waltz intimately to the harmony of gratitude
my kingdom, where your rising is most remarkable it may only bathe those born to greatness
my kingdom, sanctuary to healers, theatre to singers, canvas to painters, temple to priests and priestess
my kingdom, bastion where all are naked and rejoice (in the freedom of their once painful struggle
to be freed of struggles many choose to carry
, and be absolutely nothing
but the exact expression of what the desire
reach for the hand dancing beside it
my kingdom, whose gates span the flaming skies, open only when you arrive naked so eternity may dress you in it’s love
so eternity may glare upon the perfection it is eager to admire, so eternity may nourish your weariness by pressing it’s
lips to one who has neglected intimacy.

abundance and simpiternal are you, apollo, infero god from higher realms of knowigness,
just as is the love teeming off your courageous being as you unquestionably trudge forward towards new mysteries

the tides tackle the shores in miraculous eruptions of serenity

I have seen my home again, my shining guide of intimacy and discovery!
Far out beyond my reach, the golden spire/cypress of immortality mingled with the sea.

many moons have passesed since my eyes laid sight to the kingdom of my true soul.
You, watching over the sacred place I have traveled from, have graciously kept it near for the day of my return.
far from my home have I journeyed.

You care for me ever so that nights turned frozen by my jaded delusion were made warm by your etheral brightness.

onward you trudge, free from the bondage of doubt and indifference.
reminding the rising warrior that is my soul is to also journey onward free from the illness of fear!
exploration, discoverery, and inner wisdom encompasses your entireity so as to pave the path leading to realms
of higher understandings

oh, what precious honor it is to be reunited with you Apollo!
your sentient beings brought to me as ravens have left your kiss on my weary heart over this and past lives.

My blood runs gold to be near you, I have missed you dearly Apollo!
I have been apart from you for what seems as aeons!

Never did you falter, never did you doubt…never were you too far from me that I would not embrace your love!
patience is given form as I realize your gifts that have, and contoniue, to shower me!

oh apollo, I am grateful I may be silent enough to hear your callings,
for the passing seasons have made it nearly unfamiliar!
thank you lord of the delphic oracles, for your trust and guidance that has welcomed me back to your grace!
quickly I am nourished and brought back to wellness to fulfill tasks I chose to embark upon ages ago.

I only wish to blossom in your sunlight amongst the garden of eternity. I only wish to discover the prophecy of my
own fate. I only wish to know the intuitive desires my rising warrior soul, so that I return to my kingdom, not a king,
but a soul that may usurp a new generation of brilliance.

your rays of orange, red, and yellow light has been the healing wine of intimacy

apollo, powerful lover and passionate philosopher
you radiate in the realms high above that of the material, yet you are always seen.
Your might is crafted of a shining love so strong is glares throughs the hidden veils that bridge
the planes of knowingness.
your brilliance has effortlessly streatched upon each corner of all that is present in this realm.
no love other than your greatness is able to radiate with a might that swarms the dimensions of spirit
though you sprint through the worlds above our own, your glory pours off every movement you endure.
never shall the embers of your brilliance harm any but enemies of the spirit.
encompass me in gold comforting light, so that I may rest in difficult times…
your flames dance among my skin and your glowing perfection restores the wellness of all I am.
the eternal brilliance of your light is given form through the untainted majesty of a pure heart.
it is remarkable to bare witness to the powers of the heart, the powers of the soul!
as I glare into the embers of your glory, I see my own heart burst in furious passions of the flame!
it is so very eager to flourish in the infinite garden of eternity
god of the healing golden flames, to restore my heart is to replenish my entire being!

only the might of your loving fires may heal a rising warrior of foreign lands.
The adoration I cherish for you is unfathomable, yet I know you feel it, as I feel you!
The pleasure of living becomes a gift of marvelous divinity!

allow me to see the glory you embody within my own reflections…that I may spread love and light
in ways your offer abudance and fulfilment

allow me to glare upon the radiance of my true self
offer me tolerance in times of my arrogance and indifference, so as to not burn out the flames of my
passionate by my own hands.

loyal and mighty apollo, how I endless rejoice to know love in ways –that only you may offer—you offer it towards me…

you have never felt ill of me, and have never passed judgment upon me in all my journerys through these realms.
you have never permated disappointment, nor condemned me for my mistakes…
when I begin to falter, you shine even brighter, as to remind me of your loving hand forever within reach.
when I begin to lose trust, you send your black feathered messangers who fill me with hope.
when I begin to act out of malice, you do not tremble in any fashion, but merely watch over me closely so I do not drown
below the waves of misery.

what might other than this has ever been known?! never has a love been bestowed upon a being such as I!
how flawlessly my discontent melts away from my being when I am near you,

sorrow and anguish falls/degrade/deflower/absolve, off every part of what I am becoming, it fades softly even from my memory, where it is soon filled
with trust, intuition, humility, passion, creativity, intimacy, and gratitude!

when I miss your brilliance, I need only look within my heart and dance with beside the embers that mold my days ahead.
fear is soon replaced by curiosity, insecurity is soon replaced by integrity, misery is soo replaced by fulfilment,
arrogance is soon replaced by strength,
and loneliness is soon replaced by your radiant love that spans across the realms of spirit and any other.
I am honored to know sorrow, though vile in nature it is…I have survived the harsh winds blowing the embers of my being
out as a tower built upon delicate sands.

disaster has raged in hurricanes in attempt to hanously /tarnish/ damper the flames my soul is born of

battles have made folly of me, and my fury has made me burn with black flames of tragedy…

this unfamiliar cruelty can only be described as the beast. whom feeds on repugnance and drinks only the blood of regret.
endless is the feast when awoken, and rampages in a drunk stupor anxious to gnaw upon the dwindling ember dying in seclusion

on nights of subtle doubts and empty inspirations, I can hear the snores in the sharp halls of a cave hidden from sight.

caution should bestow any who hear the growls of this dormant monster, for it is manipulative against any it encounters.
deceit will follow all moments, and desire will happily make every fool tender for its lying mouth.

such a tempest offered by a morbid creature is repressed even by the gods, for it is governed by throbbing egos of humanity.
terror such as that which drips off hungry lips of a beast should be hidden from untill days arrive nevermore…

I suffer qietly in rare engagements where another has known of such a tempest.
rarely is another lucky to still know life after this dangerous encounter…


Flames licking away at my skin in appetite shaped dances. Flames Eagerly satisfied with each nerve gnawed ’til it’s belly is filled. The now billowing embers march in furious melodies, encompassed by nutrients provided by bare fleece of an artist.

Edibles, fare, bread, rations, cuisine, sustenance. Pigmentation. Archaic. Layer. Film. Peel. Chafe. Abrade.

A demon fed to it’s brim could