I’ve studied her body for so long I can recite every line hanging down below her eyes, they curve like the corners of a page I wish I could be for her because…I keep thinking I’m something worth saving for later.

Forgiveness is a word made out of feathers, it makes the sun melt and when the gold it leaves behind inks your throat to reduce the swelling of your tongue, you finally have enough room between your cheeks/teeth to explain how you became…so fucking beautiful…

If bad choices are doors I’ve knocked them all down

I’m leaving my door open for you/your love to walk in and it’s okay if you just want to be half in half out of that door.

I don’t know your favorite color so I wear black hoping you’ll notice I’m doing my best to be your favorite everything…

you made me feel like cleaning up a mess was all I was born to do so breaking people apart is how I make love

my younger days taught me cleaning up a mess was all I was born to do so…breaking people….is the only way I know how to love…

she knows that people can change the world but she feels like she can’t be one of them

there are days I want the world to spin so fast I’ll finally fall off of it