Midnight goddess of inebriated
Silent carouser
Midnight carouser
Goddess who caroused beyond midnights gloom.
Drunken maiden of midnights scourge.

The zohar

Which is the ebbed murmurs peeked off our skies jaw – skies drunken jaw
O parade upon me your forgiveness father of our unclouded star. When must I know again the foreign peace that escapes the deplored goddess of long winter nights.
How flawlessly this trauma battles against me as the goddess unearths the cloak that masks the wandering days.

Drunken moon of leafless seasons,
your glare bestows the air. In (her) stupor, enriched in wicked bitterness, the meadow of my regret blooms.
Daunting upon mistakes that have forsaken me,
Forever I remain eager to unknown you, harlot of scorn/guilt!
hidden peasants stumbling across the stilled meadow of this voiceless peasant.

Vile woman, ashes of pleasure pranced beneath your opening eyes, who flail this never ending (unspeakable) night.
Unspoiled delight of denial wains the timeless leisure.
Shame long forgotten,
Engrossing my garden of disregard,
O, Goddess of illumination,
Of fame lingered by your exposing trust.

Whore I mistakenly adored, fame lingers about your unblinking gaze; rumored to see only all of a man’s endeavor.

(The) pain rampant to my emptied faith,
Showered upon a frugal bed of weeping lilies //willows,
Loots a once blissful sked whom begs to kiss this relic sun.

Meager whore, pouring her eyes/sight among all I beg to forget.
Only you, wicked maiden, unveil my sinister roots to your open/curious eyes.

Never has your glow seeped the distance beyond the horizon.
anguish rare to waters tunneling (that oars) my fleeting hope sways to the distance, ergo growls/swoons born of your awe my filth sings for you

Never has a midnight shine toured this pyre, nor this body! cypress

Tears, born of malice I feast upon,
“showered” amongst my lying Gorge,
Blooms their cypress upon me.
Tangled below the wilting mystery,
Bungled atop my lying tongue, madness echoes beyond my breathe.

Gospels left unheard by deities,
What time must age from a raw sienna to lure the mask of daylight;
Daylight that gowns our guilt with his fatherly bliss

Lavish memories of distraction, decry, dismay, peeled away
Pitiful malice brooding beside my hopefulness, peeled sheers unto ash nestled behind my secrecy.

Goddess of darkening night,
Glory will be known to my hidden misery as your keenly eyes forever reveal my wholesome decay.

No beauty than that illicit ability which daunts my secret garden,

Your verbose foresight that beds my sins, along annexed glory which dances me to lurid graves born of my malaise, this

Disgust has weaved towers of angst that /which hinders (sunlight)(admist/abed/atop/ my voluble days

Ruinous damsel of blackening/midnights gloom, au fait the meadow/hives my impurities steep in dirt

Vermin known only to folklore feasts upon this grim Babylon

Forever this tragedy gales amongst my sanity,
Forever Unseen by fellow scholars and kin I am familiar too.

Forever fearful of one who has eyes “endeavored” towards love–curious, and cruel, for love that binds impeccable madness”attached” to Disgust.
Vogue eyes

Forever fearful of enticing beauty only curious eyes may gaze.
Endeavor of unspoken cruelty binds the impeccable love begging for memorial.
Alluring love teeming in madness never known,
Unfolds the bizarre endeavor of their
A bane endeavor bestows them both if burdened by my angst.

Lover that is unyielding upon this lonely fakir, dread paves your voyage! soon to teach me intimacy, (prophet of intimacy unknown to lore, who maps the voiding terrace/hive/meadowing of a lonesome fakir. O, how sorrow wilts as our lips meet at sight of all I am burdened with.

Realms far beyond winning moons, where hymns of the horizons djin bless the blooming/gaurded terrace in dancing lilies.
Valleys, once virgin, bound to joy my lovers mien sings

Dark are seasons, for t
Tender horizon famine of lost glory,

Map inked of smiles my lover paints, venture
Missing beneath my lovers venture

Havoc, built of (fashioned in) my scourge, “great/abundant” blooms abed the gorge of a ageless love
Fantasy eludes my lonesome

Beget our gorge where disease/calamity blossoms

as God’s envy the passion shared in their breathe
Rare Union foreign even among gods, the impeccable love shared within their breath

Divine union of peregrine beauty,
O, how this impeccable love will dance in the madness I unveil.

Eyes more cruel than our teeming maiden of dark skies,
For impeccable love will dance in the madness that destroys them both “burdens them both evermore to meet death.
Murk eats in Furrow the Babylon soon to be mourned by forgetfulness.


Ever so will lust beguile the clouded travels met with voiceless days.
So must adoration make sonnets of stories which roam a deserted terrace this body harbors.

Let not winters baroness make weary this pilgrimage, my lover.
O, the horizon forsaken to the lonesome fakir is eager to hold beauty so pure.

Wasteful rage storming against the guiding vigor of longing summers.
Herein deceit, woe, and pity tower this fretting gorge in wilted greenery.

Nefarious crook who fosters the air that is our gift of life, dour to be a feeble escape artist.

Reeds of Nobility elude /shunned by his arrogance, evermore to know nothing of treasures that fain the rewarding fountain of Mojave wastelands
Nobility reeds

Left in selfish wastelands where his emerald storms tread the fretting plea unheard beyond his frontier.

Whose perpetual valor parts the shores where unswept masonry fades with relics of deep mystery. (fades away in the relics of his deep mystery)