Clear plated monster of lonesome nights/evenings
Oh, how your fumes coat this shivering flesh I govern!
Dwelling among troubling slums,
Singing gospels for weary peasants.
I hear you, damsel of white!
What bones /your skin hides attract me, darling?
Your white/ivory (your taste, ivory as my throat welcomes your beauty) taste, festering about this body I reign, grants me sanity.
Fiend of dust, what/your cruel bond smoothly teems about my moments of solitude
Your promise has yet met the lungs of my innocence,
OH, how eager I am to honor your blessings that will never revere me!
Tunneling in desperation for me, my carrion begs to hold for your sick fittle.
Have you bared witness to all sacrifices our moon weeps over?
Her nights keenly glow bright recently,
roaming among our silenced(soft-pedaled) bungle.