What he lacked in physical appearance he made up for in crass humor. His laugh was vindictive. Smile was seductive. Mind was creative. Always making sir that he “was” something instead of “am”. Knowing without a doing that he would one day be forgotten by all, there was comfort in being a memory for others. He never lived a day without impacting someone life out of fear of no one speaking of him when he left his body. Piece of shit that he was, the innocence in his eyes always seared you when he would look into you.

The city is glorified for its dessert lights and critically acclaimed “sex/drugs/party/gambling” mentality. It’s citizens become eluded by this visions within hours of entering this belly of a beast. Each citizens walking in a daze just to reach a new casino to cop a few free drinks by sticking their rent money in rigged machines. Always ignoring the bone-crushed bodies of ran over pigeons on their walks like they’re pieces of gum stuck on the bottom of a child’s shoe. The air is thick, and poisoned with the aroma of half-smoked cigarette buds and disappointment. With lights so bright the sky itself is never black. Without darkness, how will these city folk ever find their way into the light? Fremont St. Burns bright each night, and hundreds of people flock to it like moths to a flame. Three locals are envious of foreigners as they trudge through random casinos in drink stupors. They smile and laugh as if they are happy to know they don’t have to live in a crater snapped Christmas light. As if Vegas itself is entirely composed of a mile-long block of cheap drink, cheap souvenirs, and cheap people. The dollars bills spilling in and out of pockets and registers with cocaine. The city itself is a bedroom for many hopeless ones, with lights this bright, you wish you were a kid again just to hope the monsters don’t find you.

If I was lucky, i’d get to sleep in a dark room with rusted fan belts twirling and would wonder if Ferris wheels made the same sound.

He took me on a ride on that Ferris wheel. The smell of vodka and marijuana elongated off of him. I could here the sounds of the rusty chairs swinging back and forth and it felt like heaven.